Personal Choice and Independant Living on Pullen Avenue Built in 2012 is a 11 Unit Appartment Building done has Projet Management.

Marriot Hotel built in 2012 from fondation to roof built in ICF structual walls with Hollow Core Slabs for Floors.

Alta Vista Retirement Home Built in 2003 is a 120 square feet Building Built in Insulated Concrete Form.

One of the five Insulated Concrete Form Condo Building Built on Canne street in Gatineau.


Distillery Warehouse Condos Built in 2013 is a 10-storey Insulated Concrete Form Building.

House in Hawkesbury built with Logix Platinum Series with D-RV panel Equating to R40 of effective R-value Walls.

Genesis Retirement Home was Built in 2004

Hollow Core Floor Slabs Installation.

Legalett GEO Slab System.


One of many Hambro Floor System Installed in the Ottawa region. We have over 350 000 square feet of Hambro System Installed.